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Cassava Diversity datasets

posted on 2022-12-08, 16:40 authored by Laura PerezLaura Perez, Paul FraserPaul Fraser, Margit DrapalMargit Drapal, Adriana Bohorquez-Chaux, Luis Augusto Becerra Lopez-Lavalle, Tatiana Melissa Ovalle, Maria Alejandra Ospina

Datasets of untargeted metabolomics analysis of cassava leaf and root tissue of Latin American cassava germplasm collection.

Genotyping RADseq dataset of Latin American cassava germplasm collection.


To solve the African cassava whitefly problem in three East African countries and prevent further whitefly-borne, cassava-virus pandemics

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

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Research Program on Roots, Tubers and Bananas (RTB), CGIAR


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December 2021

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