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Drawing Out the Everyday Hyper-[In]Securities of Digital Identity

Posted on 2021-12-16 - 11:12 authored by Claude Heath
In a study of everyday digital identity, drawings were made by researchers in online focus group settings as a way to capture the narratives of hyper-[in]security in the usages of digital identity described by our participants. Later, key extracts from the drawings were collaged using the method described in the paper, allowing an exploratory cartography of hyper-[in]security to be constructed. These secondary collages group the [in]securities thematically and without losing essential contextual information. Samples of our data are given, to illustrate the contribution of a method to experience-centred design, with special reference to security from the perspective of marginalised and underserved communities. We discuss our method as a step towards multidimensional cognitive mapping of the salient features of our participants' narratives about hyper-[in]security, potentially paving the way for further world building explorations of digital identity futures.


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ESSfES: Everyday Safety-Security for Everyday Services

Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council

StoryFutures Academy: Industry Centre of Excellence in Immersive Narrative

Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy


Claude P. R. Heath and Lizzie Coles-Kemp.


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