A Surfeit of SSH Cipher Suites

2017-12-18T13:12:35Z (GMT) by Kenny Paterson M.Albrecht

Scan data for two internet-wide scans used in:

  • Albrecht, M. R., Degabriele, J. P., Hansen, T. B., & Paterson, K. G. (2016). A surfeit of SSH cipher suites. In E. R. Weippl, S. Katzenbeisser, C. Kruegel, A. C. Myers, & S. Halevi, ACM CCS 16 (pp. 1480–1491). : ACM Press.

All json files were produced by calling the also included parse.py script on a ZGrap output file (also in json). See example-2015-12.json for an example of such a file (where we replaced all IP addresses by



CC BY 4.0