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Videos of the Haifa Ethnopharmacology and Ethnobotany Workshop

posted on 2023-08-02, 14:02 authored by Efraim Lev

The workshop took place in March 2022 in Haifa, Israel. At this point, it was not clear how the Covid-19 pandemic would develop, the vaccination drive was still underway in most countries, but almost completed in Israel, and restrictions were still in place. The key point of our workshop was botanical fieldwork. Since this could not be done online, and since the situation was too unpredictable to invite a broader academic public to travel to Israel, we sought permission to use some travel funding for video production costs, so that as many people as possibe would be able to profit from the fieldwork. We moved as much of the workshop as possible outdoors to improve wellbeing after the prolongued periods of lockdown. The video captures a few key moments of our fieldwork.

These videos present a historical snapshot of the situation after the final lockdown. They provide an introduction to the research environment and knowledge exchange of the University of Haifa. And they can serve as teaching material for courses on ethnopharmacology, traditional medicine, botany, pharmacognosy and Hebrew and Arabic medicine of the Middle Ages


Plants and Minerals in Byzantine Popular Pharmacy. A New Multidisciplinary Approach

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