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16mm Film Editing: Using Filmed Simulation as a Hands-on Approach to TV History

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posted on 09.11.2017, 12:41 by Amanda Murphy, Rowan Aust, Tim Heath, Vanessa Jackson
Two television editors who once worked with 16mm film discuss and explore their former working methods and demonstrate how to make a picture cut using film. The method of ‘hands-on history’ used for this simulation is discussed, as are the problems of presenting such data.

This video essay was original published in VIEW: Journal of European Television History and Culture.

About the project
ADAPT (2013-8) is a European Research Council project at Royal Holloway University of London. The project studies the history of technologies in television, focussing on their everyday use in production activities.

ADAPT examines what technologies were adopted and why; how they worked; and how people worked with them. As well as publishing written accounts, the project carries out 'simulations' that reunite retired equipment with the people who used to use it.

Participants in these simulations explain how each machine worked and how different machines worked together as an 'array'; how they adapted the machines; and how they worked together as teams within the overall production process.


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