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Constrained Dynamic Tree Networks

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posted on 03.09.2018, 11:02 by Matthew Hague, Vincent Penelle
We generalise Constrained Dynamic Pushdown Networks, introduced by Bouajjani\et al, to Constrained Dynamic Tree Networks.
In this model, we have trees of processes which may monitor their children.
We allow the processes to be defined by any computation model for which the alternating reachability problem is decidable.
We address the problem of symbolic reachability analysis for this model. More precisely, we consider the problem of computing an effective representation of their reachability
sets using finite state automata.
We show that backwards reachability sets starting from regular sets of configurations are always regular.
We provide an algorithm for computing backwards reachability sets using tree automata.


Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council [EP/K009907/1]


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July 2018

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