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Pore Scale GCS Numerical Modelling Output, Analyses and Source Code

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posted on 2022-01-04, 11:43 authored by Ryan PaytonRyan Payton, Domenico ChiarellaDomenico Chiarella, Yizhuo Sun, Andrew Kingdon

This folder contains the output in CSV format of the numerical simulations, the python scripts to analyse the output as well as the source code for the model itself for the article: 'Pore Scale Numerical Modelling of Geological Carbon Storage Through Mineral Trapping Using True Pore Geometries' by Ryan L. Payton, Yizhuo Sun, Domenico Chiarella and Andrew Kingdon.

This folder contains all of the numerical simulation outputs and scripts for analysis generated during the aforementioned study. Please see the article for a detailed methodology.


London NERC DTP Studentship: NE/L002485/1

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September 2018 - October 2021

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