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Kew Museum of Economic Botany: Items Distributed, 1847-1990

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posted on 06.12.2019, 13:10 by Felix Driver

This spreadsheet contains all recorded data on distributions or dispersals of specimens and artefacts from the Kew Museum of Economic Botany between 1847 and 1900, arranged by 'item', ie distinguishing each documented object whether distributed individually or as part of a group of objects donated in the same 'event'. (A separate spreadsheet on Figshare, arranged by distribution event, includes further details of recipient name, institution and location). The data is based on information within Kew's 'Specimens Distributed' books for the period 1881-1990, supplemented by archival data from a variety of other sources at Kew and elsewhere. The file includes information on the date of the distribution, event record, description and type of object, place and region of origin, donor name if available and archival source, together with links where appropriate to the relevant page of the Specimens Distributed books which have been digitised and are available on the Biodiversity Heritage Library website.


The Mobile Museum project (PI Felix Driver, CI Mark Nesbitt) was funded by the Arts & Humanities Research Council ('The mobile museum: economic botany in circulation', AH/N00941X/1).


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The dataset was created by RHUL and Kew jointly.