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Geospatial Data

posted on 01.08.2019, 12:46 by Ian Watkinson
Digital data repository for Watkinson, I. M. and Hall, R., Impact of communal irrigation on the 2018 Palu earthquake-triggered landslides

Nature Geoscience Manuscript NGS-2018-12-02760
Submitted 21st December 2018; revised version submitted 11th June 2019; accepted 18th July 2019.

Contents include vector files for ArcGIS (shapefiles).
All files use the projected coordinate system UTM zone 50S, WGS1984.
All shapefiles are also provided as KMZ files for use in Google Earth.
Files are provided as-is and without guarantees in terms of accuracy, reliability or significance. We accept no liability for use of these files under any circumstances. See main manuscript, Methods section and supplementary materials for full description and uncertainties.


*** Landslide displacement geospatial data ***
- Observed_displacement_lines_MAIN.shp/kmz (main high-density object tracking lines)
- Observed_displacement_points_START.shp/kmz (main high-density object tracking lines start points)
- Observed_displacement_points_END.shp/kmz (main high-density object tracking lines end points)
- Observed_displacement_lines_WIDER.shp/kmz (main high-density object tracking lines plus lower density lines in wider study area for PCA)

*** Landslide features geospatial data ***
- Landslide_domains.shp/kmz
- Landslide_faults_fractures.shp/kmz
- Mottling.shp/kmz
- Sand_blows.shp/kmz
- Water_ponding.shp/kmz

*** Irrigation/water geospatial data ***
- Conveyance_canal.shp/kmz
- Irrigation_nodes.shp/kmz
- Other_channels.shp/kmz
- Natural_rivers.shp/kmz

*** Spreadsheets ***
- Observed_displacement_data.xlsx
- RESULT_PCA_FULL and 1-10_formatted for publication.xlsx


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Oct 2018 to July 2019

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