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Data used in: Santi et al. (2020) Phenotypic differentiation in a heterogeneous environment: morphological and life-history responses to ecological gradients in a livebearing fish. Journal of Zoology 310(1): 10-23.

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posted on 2021-04-20, 08:23 authored by Francesco Santi, Ana Cristina Petry, Martin Plath, Rudiger RieschRudiger Riesch
This file contains three separate datasets. The first data sheet provides centroid size and all relative warps derived from geometric morphometric analysis of all fish used in the study. The second data sheet provides all life-history traits quantified for male and female P. januarius, while the third data sheet provides the Embryo Dry Weight and Embryonic Stage of Development data used to calculate the Matrotrophy Index for our manuscript.


Brazilian Long Term Ecological Research: CNPq 558270/2009-3


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18 July 2019

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Francesco Santi, Ana Cristina Petry, Martin Plath and Rudiger Riesch