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Data used in Riesch et al. - Resource competition explains rare cannibalism in the wild in livebearing fishes

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posted on 2022-03-10, 15:06 authored by Rudiger RieschRudiger Riesch, Marcio S. Araújo, Stuart Bumgarner, Caitlynn Filla, Laura de Pennafort Dezen, Taylor R. Goins, Darlene Lucion, Amber MakowiczAmber Makowicz, Ryan A. Martin, Sara Pirroni, R. Brian Langerhans
The dataset comprises three different worksheet. Worksheet 1 (body size broad-scale survey) contains the data on the species identity, size and sex of cannibals as well as the number and size of their victims. Worksheet 2 (G. hubbsi Andros blue holes) provides data on population densities, the proportion of juveniles and zooplankton densities for eight low predation blue holes. Worksheet 2 (G. affinis mesocosm experiment) lists the different replicates for the mesocosm experiment along with final densities, cannibalism prevalence, mean growth rate, resource density, and juvenile density for each replicate.


EPA STAR Fellowship (91644501) for R. Brian Langerhans

National Science Foundation grants (DEB 0722480 and DEB 0842364) for R. Brian Langerhans

W. M. Keck Center for Behavioral Biology grant for Rüdiger Riesch

Society of Systematic Biologists Student Research Award for R. Brian Langerhans

Explorers Club Exploration Fund for R. Brian Langerhans

American Museum of Natural History Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Fund for R. Brian Langerhans

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