Brae Formation Grain Size data

This folder contains files for 3D modelling of micro CT images for the article "Microstructural Analysis from X-ray CT Images of the Brae Formation Sandstone, North Sea" by Thomson, Ellis, Chiarella and Hier-Majumder.

To create the figures in the article run the python script

Description of data:

The folder ‘Grain_data_csv_files’ contains a series of datasheets obtained from the 3D grain size analysis using PerGeos. Files with the name including ‘grain_morphology’ were used to obtain the average grain length measurements. Open the .csv files to see the grain length and grain width data for each sample.
Three other files are found in this folder  containing grain size and permeability data that belong to work by other authors. The name of the author and publication date of the data is shown in each the file names. This data was used as a comparison against our own results.