Segmented Image Data for Fontainebleau and Berea Sandstones

This data contain 3D segmented images of two different sandstones. Three different data sets are contained and are outlined as follows, dry Fontainebleau sandstone, dry Berea sandstone, and saturated Berea sandstone. The 2D images for each data set were segmented using PerGeos (fromThermo Fisher). .am files were generated in PerGeos. .raw files can be opened using multiple applications.<br><br>Also, see the associated archive of pore-network modeling results from these samples at<br>Thomson, Paul-Ross, Aituar-Zhakupova, Aizhan, & Hier-Majumder, Saswata. (2018). Pore network modeling data for Fontainebleau and Berea Sandstones [Data set]. Zenodo.<br><br><b><br></b>connected pore space only<b><br></b><br>Pore-space3.connected-Pore-Space.raw<br><br><b><br></b>connected pore space<br><br>Pore.Connected-Pore-Space.raw<br>all segmented phases<br><br>all-phases.labels.raw<br><br><b>Saturated_Berea</b><br>connected pore space<br><br>Water-phase.Connected-Pore-Space.raw<br>all segmented phases<br><br>A-filtered.labels.raw<br><br><br><br><br><b><br><br></b><br><br>