First detection of bee viruses in hoverfly (syrphid) pollinators: Supporting data - accepted subject to minor revision in Biology Letters (2018)

Supporting data for "First detection of bee viruses in hoverfly (syrphid) pollinators" (accepted subject to minor revisions in Biology Letters, 2018)

Information on the samples screened for viruses and the viruses detected and the NCBI sequences relating to individual samples


qRT-PCR data for SBV and BQCV titres, including Ct values, in honey bees and hoverflies

Bailesetal code.R
R code used for analysing differences in viral titres and viral presence/absence between honey bees and hoverflies

Alignment of SBV sequences from Clustal Omega

Alignment of BQCV sequences from Clustal Omega

.abi files
Sequences traces are named SeqID_Virus_SampleID.abi - NVBI seqeuence IDs that relate to the sequencing trace are given in Bailesetal_HoverflyScreening.xlsx
- The higher quality 3' end of S1_SBV_Am7_2_3primeend.ab1
was used to extend the sequence of S15_SBV_Am7_2.ab1
- Sequence B9B_BQCV_Ea20_pGEM.ab1 is cloned into pGEM and sequenced from the M13F site, it is in reverse orientation.