Data for "The Influence of Microporous Cements on the Pore Network Geometry of Natural Sedimentary Rocks"

This folder contains files for pore network modeling of micro CT images for<br>the article "The Influence of Microporous Cements on the Pore Network Geometry<br>of Natural Sedimentary Rocks" by Thomson, Hazel, and Hier-Majumder.<br><br>To create the figures in the article run the python script<br><br>Description of data:<br><br>The data in Pore_based_only folder uses PNM created only by 'pore-based' mode<br>of PerGeos. For the samples containing microporous cement, the file names 'macro<br>+micro' indicate that the pore space considers the cement phase to be void and<br>treats the porosity prior to cementation. Files marked 'macro_only' considers<br>the microporous cement to be 100% solid. Some other data, with an attempt to assign porosity to the micropores also exist, but they are not used in the article.<br><br>The output of the PNM is saved as two separate files for pores and throats. Open the .csv files to see the headers. There are also data files for Fontainebleau and two Berea sandstones.<br><br><br>